Africa’s Agenda2063 – “How to Innovatively Position Yourself”

I have been looking but there are no jobs offers. I have just lost my job. What do I do? What business should I start? Am stuck in the village with no job prospects. What do I do? What agribusiness venture can I start? Am seriously worried about what I will do when I retire? What can I do to earn money quickly? I want to move my business to the next level. What do I do? I hate my job, but I have bills to pay. What do I do? Am tried of making others rich. When will I work for myself and be rich from my work?

These are just but a few of the many questions I get asked a lot from many Africans youth, and many agribusiness entrepreneurs as well as professionals. The root cause without a doubt is uncertainty with regard to what ones talents, giftings, calling, and skills. The uncertainty I have discovered lies in the lack of discovering the beauty of quietness in thinking.

Hi, my name is Fostina Mani, am the Global Trade Engagement Director, Betta Grains and Founder of a private marketplace Mothers of Africa Mobile Soko Am a recognized sector leader in Africa’s Agriculture, am credible, reputable and much sort after global trade engagement facilitator by many development partners, non-profit organization, and foreign government commercial attaches seeking partnerships and distribution opportunities for trade in Africa’s mass markets especially the bottom of the pyramid. As a woman of the Christian Faith, am serving God by championing for an agricultural markets revolution that favours Africa, as my contribution towards #Agenda2063 – The Africa We Want. Am using my social media platforms #Legacy2063byFostinaMani to serve farmers, traders, women in agribusiness, and youthful (young, mature, retired) professionals to create the “Africa We Want”.

I recently stumbled on this verse “Surely, I have calmed and quiet my soul. Like a weaned child, resting with his mother. My soul is like a weaned child within me composed and freed from discontent. Psalms 131:2 (Amplified). The art of individual critical thinking is one of the most difficult things I have seen individuals struggle with. The discipline to just sit quietly by yourself with your thoughts especially positive thoughts that lead to problem solving ideas is an art many have not discovered. Yet there within lies the answers to the many questions raised above.

My heart breaks every time I see Africa youth idling wasting time because they simply do not know what to do with themselves. Yes, unemployment may be high, and even those able to find jobs, the money is not all that. There are those who know they do not want to work for anyone, but the question is what businesses they start. What pains me the most is Africa’s rural youth, who have so much land within their reach and yet cannot think of any projects they can come up with. Land is God’s best gift for Africa. Yet! Africa has youth who cannot wait to get out of the rural areas to the urban cities.