How Do I Start A Cereal Shop?
Is my most Frequently Asked Question.

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We are truly humbled by the number of individual from all over the world who have reached out to us wanting to get into the cereal business.

Individual Home Study Course

As part of our Legacy2063 – “The Africa We Want”, we are launching a short individual Home Study Course on “How to Start A Cereal Shop”.  Our goal is to help you succeed by taking you from Ksh0/- (US$0) to Ksh10,000/- (US$87.95)* and more in daily sales revenue in your initial years of operations.


We have helped over 456 individuals (192 men and 264 women) start cereal businesses.

We have seen all forms of successes as well as all sorts of failures. 

We have a proven track record in running cereal shops.

There are a lot of misguided advice and myths on the cereal business

lacking actual proven experience and expertise.

Your Success is Our Goal. 

Myths About Starting A Cereal Shop

“There is Money to be made in Cereals”

After all people will always eat!

“You can run a Cereal Shop as a Side Hustle”

Just employ someone to run the business for you to earn extra cash!

“A Cereal Business is the easiest thing to start”

You can even start with photos and no stock!

“You can start a Cereal with very little cash”

You can start with as little as Ksh20,000/- (US$175.90) or less.

“If your wife is just sitting at home idle, watching TV the whole day.  Just open a cereal business for her”

At least that way, you are sure your wife will not steal from your cereal shop.

“Why are you working so hard to feed your jobless relatives.  Just open a cereal shop for them”

This way you earn money and they get to contribute to their upkeep and food.

Program Enrollment Payment

Thank you for your interest in registering for the course. 

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Thank you and God Bless You.

Our Audience

While this program was created within the Kenyan context, the information and knowledge shared is useful to any one who is interested in starting a cereal shop. 

From an open sack stand in dry agricultural markets in any part of the world, to a fully functional retail and wholesale operations.



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Fostina has been an amazing mentor in my journey. I have learnt a lot about the food processing industry and the Kenyan Market from her. Our phone conversations are so therapeutic and leave me reminded that I am doing a great job. She motivates me to do more and through her, I was able to envision that Mosoro Afya Flours can grow to be a significant player in the market and make huge impact to the society.
Magdalene M. Osoro
Founder & Director Mosoro Afya Flours

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