Am positioning 10 individuals as Resellers for our Global clients in Africa's Agricultural Markets.
My Only Question is Will it Be You?

Program Enrollment Payment

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What is in it for Me?

  • Learning from an actual trader and a market expert.
  • Actual business implementation and growth.
  • Exposure and a much deeper understanding of agricultural trade.
  • Equipped to take advantage of African Confidential Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)
  • Equipped to champion and train your team.
  • You will be equipped to champion other traders in you area of expertise. 
  • You will positioned to earn money for yourself by solving other trade facilitation problems within your sector, value chain, market, city and country.
Fostina has been an amazing mentor in my journey. I have learnt a lot about the food processing industry and the Kenyan Market from her. Our phone conversations are so therapeutic and leave me reminded that I am doing a great job. She motivates me to do more and through her, I was able to envision that Mosoro Afya Flours can grow to be a significant player in the market and make huge impact to the society.
Magdalene M. Osoro
Founder & Director Mosoro Afya Flours

Reseller Repositioning & Distribution Program


We are looking to build legacy African businesses of men and women of integrity whom we can develop, support and entrust with repeat business through our trade facilitation services. Africa’s agricultural market is now one big market, so we are looking for individuals, who are willing to invest in themselves in order to earn more money for themselves using the land, skills, talents, and resources they have.



Very many individuals have reached out to us for trade facilitation, unfortunately we have realized that it is one thing to listen, read, and study agricultural trade, and quite another to be an actual trader.  They keep dropping the ball because of lack of actual trading experience and knowledge on regional and global markets. Which is why we are running an online Reseller Repositioning and Distribution Program which consisting of;

1. Reseller Repositioning Program (12 weeks) 

There is enough passion and motivation in the agricultural space at the moment, unfortunately when it comes to actual implementation, experience, and expertise is what will get the job done.  The purpose of the first program is to bring clarity and accurately reposition our resellers to excel and succeed long term.  Upon successful completion of this program the resellers will proceed to the Distribution Program.  Those who choose not to proceed to the distribution program still be adequately prepared to excel on their own distribution.


2. Reseller Distribution  (12 weeks) Session

The world is looking to do business with Africa because of its large youth population.  Our clients are looking for distributors from all over Africa, and across all African markets both urban and rural.  We have various opportunities within our wide network.  The market opportunity is huge, and we fully understand we cannot be everywhere.  That is why we believe in developing and growing future African traders for long term partnership and repeat businesses, because the role comes with much responsibility, commitment, and hard work, that requires one to be proven in handling such a role.



I Want In

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