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About Africa's Agricultural Markets

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Find Integrity, Fulfilment and Peace in Africa's Agricultural Markets, as you earn more money for yourself, using what you have without ever having to beg from anyone.

Dream With Me..

"The Africa We Want"

  • One very large African market where you can do business without ever worrying about being defrauded or conned.
  • Being able to do business with men and women of integrity, who have been vetted and are committed to building long term business relationships with you.
  • A market that offers equal opportunity for all to do business without having to bribe government officials and politicians.
  • Access to global trade engagement partners who can advice, caution, provide mentorship, and business coaching on accessing Africa’s mass markets.
  • Creating generational wealth that lasts to the third and fourth generations, through selfless individuals committed to creating the Africa We Want by 2063.

Like You

Am Pained! Why do Agricultural Markets not favor Africa?


Are very frustrated about the low Return On Investment in funding Africa, and the huge disconnect between policies implementation and adoption by Africa's Mass Market especially the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid.


African farmers lack information and knowledge on markets, prices, and trade flows. They remain poor due to unfavorable markets. And have become victims of fraudsters and conmen because of corruption, and lack of integrity in various institutions that are meant to help farmers in access markets.


SMEs are the backbone of many African economies, yet they are rarely invited to the table during discussions and negotiations on matters that concern their industry. They are normally represented by technocrats or association staff who have never traded a single day. No wonder the disconnect and push back from the markets.

regional markets & Government

Are frustrated that despite millions of USD being spent in developing new seed varieties, farming technologies, and capacity building of farmers and extension workers. The consumer market has rejected and pushed back on the improved varieties.


Are frustrated by the many organization and institutions claiming to be providing access to finance for women. The truth is the majority are simply public relations campaign. Many funders have realized the women who need the finances are actually not accessing the finances necessary for them to do business.

Youthful professionals

Youthful I mean the youth, mature and retired professionals. All have great contributions that can benefit Africa. Africa's highly educated workforce is geared towards employment. High unemployment rates has forced many into entrepreneurship, unfortunately there is little growth and high failure rates due to mindsets and skills mismatch.

My Offer

Agricultural Mass-Market Centric Approach that targets the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid

Hi, my name is Fostina Mani, Global Trade Engagement Director, Betta Grains, and Founder of a private marketplace Mothers of Africa Mobile Soko Am a recognized sector leader in Africa’s Agriculture. A credible, reputable, and much sort after global trade engagement facilitator by many development partners, non-profit organizations, and foreign governments commercial attaches seeking partnerships and distributions opportunities for trade in Africa’s mass markets especially the bottom of the pyramid. As a Woman of the Christian Faith, am serving God by championing for an agricultural markets revolution that favours Africa, as my contribution to #Agenda2063 – The Africa We Want. Am using my platform #Legacy2063byFostinaMani to serve farmers, traders, women in agribusiness, and youthful (young, mature, retired) professionals to create the “Africa I Want”.
Fostina Mani
Champion for Agricultural Markets that Favour Africa


Fostina has been an amazing mentor in my journey. I have learnt a lot about the food processing industry and the Kenyan Market from her. Our phone conversations are so therapeutic and leave me reminded that I am doing a great job. She motivates me to do more and through her, I was able to envision that Mosoro Afya Flours can grow to be a significant player in the market and make huge impact to the society.
Magdalene M. Osoro
Founder & Director Mosoro Afya Flours
You have really come though with generous porridge flour you have faithfully supported. Just the same way the babies are fortified health wise may your brand be fortified not only in Kenya but globally. We appreciate it very much. Our doors are always open.
Home of Hope
Nairobi, KENYA