About Me

Fostina Mani

I work with farmers, traders, women in agribusiness, and youthful professionals, who want to earn more money for themselves through a credible and reputable global trade engagement partner, who fully understands and serves Africa’s markets.


I feel like we are all frustrated about the disconnect, and lack of understanding on Africa’s mass markets, especially the bottom of the pyramid. However, I completely believe we can find integrity, fulfillment, and peace if we use what is within our hands; land, skills, talents, creativity, innovation, culture, and technology to create the Africa we want without ever having to beg from anyone.


This is a real challenge because Africa is now one very large market, dealing with corruption, lack of integrity, fulfilment, and peace. But I now have a chance to create the Africa I want by 2063.  I am full of faith and ready to tackle this!  Join me in creating The Africa We Want -Agenda 2063.

Service to Farmers

Trade Facilitation

Global trade facilitation for farmers is my area of specialization because my focus is a market centered approach that uses bank guaranteed financing to ensure farmers are not defrauded.


I have also worked with very many individual farmers, in providing information on what agricultural products to grow, based on market trends, and price fluctuation in light of imports and exports.


African farmers lack information and knowledge on markets, prices, and trade flows, which is why I designed www.bettagrains.com as well as the trade analysis blog and newsletter.


I have served over 390 Farmer Organizations (4,105 Male, 5,645 Women). I worked with the Government of Rwanda as the team leader in the business and marketing plan of Rwanda Grain and Cereal Corporation.  


I have also served the Government of Kenya ministries of Agriculture on Kenya’s Warehouse Receipt Systems design and implementation.

Capacity Building

I renovated an old family building and converted it into a business and ICT training facility in rural Machakos, Kenya.  


The facility also had a library and served as a community training center for rural youth and farmers.  The facility unfortunately was burnt down, but the vision still remains intact.  


CORVID19 has certainly helped propel me in the development of digital training content and mentorship using social media.

Commodity Trade Expert

I served farmers as consultant offering commodity trade expert in FarmTrade a USAID Funded Project being implemented by Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF) in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.  My role was to provide private sector expertise and networks in identifying, profiling, and bringing onboard leading industry players as buyers.


I successfully signed regional trade MoUs/Contracts that reflected the high tonnage and revenues USAID had anticipated when funding the project.  I drastically increased the number of business partnership agreements between farmers groups and millers by USD2,375,783 in two months, by aggressively building business relationship with large millers and buyers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in accessing markets and business opportunities from vetted sellers.

Development Partners

My websites and blogs, have seen me sought out by International Trade Center as well as SheTrades on partnerships with buyers from Egypt, Turkey, Israel, UAE, USA, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Jordan, Ethiopia, India.  Chemonics USAID funded project CPM project, World Vision, SNV DryDev partnership, Kilimo Trust, Safaricom DigiFarm and other development partners who have reached out to us in linking farmers to markets.


I have served on  Eastern African Grain Council first board, as the youngest and only women, Treasurer and Traders Representative.  Where I championed the implementation of regional agricultural market information systems in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, and was instrumental in amending RATIN a USAID funded regional market information systems to incorporate additional products that were more suited farmers. 

Urban Farming - Climate Care

Am very bothered by Africa’s dumpsite so I have been working on completely eliminating waste in my home in Nairobi, Kenya.   I recycle waste water in irrigate fruit trees I have planted as my contribution to offsetting the effects of CO2 pollution, and minimizing water waste.  The trees provide me with plenty of shade and fruits  for consumption and sale.  I have a target to grown 10,000 fruit tree seedlings in 3 years using recycled waste waters.   I have a compost pit which I have been using to produce worms for my turkeys, which give me manure for my trees.  Self watering plants is how I recycling plastic bottles for my seedling.  The seeds come from the foods I consume.  My dog to chew on the bones.  I am  down to bones, which I am yet to figure out what to do from there.  Am exploring artisan who make jewelry from bones.  

Service to


Africa Agricultural Trade Market is riddled with conmen and fraudsters due to Africa’s corruption and lack of integrity. I have built a network of buyers and sellers who have been properly vetted.


Am currently doing business coaching for traders in global trade for faster trader facilitation for my various orders and requests.


In have also served as private sector representative at COMESA’s Agricultural implementation agency ACTESA’s Advisory Board. I have served 456 traders (192 male, and 264 female).


Women in Agribusiness

I have helped a number of women start up cereal shops both physical shops and online shops, procuring of large volume grains, as well as distribution of milled grain flour products.


I championed Organization for Women in Trade (OWIT) Nairobi, agribusiness sector.  Am also a founding member of Women in Agribusiness in Sub Sahara Africa WASAA.


As a woman in technology design and developed an online private marketplace “Mothers of Africa Mobile Soko” in honour of Africa’s cross border women traders.   I have served 43 women owned SMEs.

Youthful Professionals

Youthful I mean young at heart and in spirit.  As much as we appreciate the role of youth in technology, there is maturity, wisdom, and experience the youth lack.  That is why I don’t just focus on youth but also the  mature professional and the retired.  There is much wisdom in mentorship and naturing from Africa’s mature and retired professionals.


Africans in the diaspora are returning home not just as career choice but also those retiring have an opportunity to use their skills and resources to earn more money. 

I have served 1,946 resellers, suppliers, buyers, and development staff within my network.

Women Owned SMEs
Resellers, Suppliers, Buyers, & Development Staff
Education & Awards
Certificates & Awards

Cherie Blair Foundation Mentee Alumni 2020
Introduction to Exporting to China, International Trade Centre
Using Virtual Marketplaces for your E-Commerce, International Trade Centre
Meeting Standards in the Agrifood Sector - International Trade Centre
USAID Africa Lead Champions for Change Leardership Training, Nairobi, KENYA 2011
World Bank's Development Marketplace 2008, "Mothers of Africa Mobile Soko"


USAID EAFF Commodity Trade Expert FarmTrade
USAID AIIM-Assist Lead Consultant Business plan development for AGMARK, Lengo, KIOF.
USAID Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF) Maize and Rice Commodity Network business plans.
Government of Rwanda, Ministry of Trade & Commerce, Rwanda Grain & Cereal Corporation Business Marketing Strategy.

Masters In Business Administration (MBA)
United States International University (USIU)

Management Information Systems (Major) & Entrepreneurship (Minor)

Bachelors of Science (BS)
Northern Kentucky University, Kentucky, USA

Information Systems (Major) & Marketing (Minor)