Reseller Repositioning & Distribution Program – Questions & Answers

We are looking to build legacy African businesses of men and women of integrity whom we can develop, support and entrust with repeat business through our trade facilitation services.  Africa’s agricultural market is now one big market, so we are looking for individuals, who are willing to invest in themselves in order to earn more money for themselves using the land, skills, talents, and resources they have. 

Very many individuals have reached out to us for trade facilitation, unfortunately we have realized that it is one thing to list, read, and study agricultural trade, and quite another to be an actual trader.  They keep dropping the ball because of lack of actual trading experience and knowledge on regional and global markets. Which is why we are running an online Reseller Program.  This is our contribution to Agenda 2063 “The Africa We Want” #agenda2063 #theafricawewant #theafricaiwant #legacy2063 #legacy2063byfostinamani