CORVID19 Pivot towards the Gig Economy

CORVID19 without doubt has changed the world especially Africa forever. As if it was not bad enough that Africa has been dealing with high numbers of youth unemployment. The CORVID19 pandemic saw several mature professionals lose their jobs. There were very many instances many people simply could not handle living in the cities, especially during those times when lock down seemed eminent. Many simply left the urban cities and simply moved to their rural homes in the village.

The concept of working from home quickly eliminated several senior managers especially those who were accustomed to working with secretaries or rather had administrative assistants doing everything for them. Those who had never bothered to figure out how to schedule conference calls, let alone having a WiFi at home. Because they left the responsibilities of online communication to others, simply found themselves unable to access their official email accounts, because they had never learnt how to do so. There was no one from IT to help them log into your office networks from home. Many were simply left in the dark, as others continued to work. Guess who was let go?