Zambia – My First Export Market

Zambia was my first export market. Why Zambia, well Lady S, my last-born sister had met a Zambian man at University of Nairobi, whom she married and later moved to Zambia. My first visit to Zambia was my clue to the market demand. As many Kenyan do, she requested I visit Masaai Market, a Kenyan open market for authentic African hand-crafted beaded jewelry, excellent for souvenirs and gifts. I had the option to choose whatever I thought would be a good to sell. So I filled my suitcase with nice jewelry and an amazing selection of blanket shawl wrap, and off I flew to Lusaka.

As with an African community, we like to meet family and friends. So her friends and family came to visit. They wanted to know what I had brought from Kenya, and immediately I opened my suite cases, and before long the blanket shawls wrap were all done. I was shocked, that was the fasted sale we had ever made.

So why am I telling you this story. Well, I want African women to know that your export business does not need to have huge investment. You can work with what is within your reach. For me it was some little money I had, which I combined with some little money my sister had, then because our family responsibilities did not give us the freedom to travel freely. We negotiated a deal where Lady K my other sister, would like her son with me, as she handled the logistical and selling component of our Zambia export market. The second lesson I want you to learn from my story, is that gifts are all around you.  Use what is within your hands, and make products and services you can sell within the African market, which is now the Worlds Largest Market.

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